Miley cyrus dating a 20 yr old

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The talk-show host congratulated the 23-year-old, to which Cyrus replied, "It's very weird because this is, like, real jewelry, and most of my jewelry is made out of gummy bears and cotton candy.

"So, I feel like it's better not to talk about it." Still, there's no hiding that Liam and Miley have rekindled their relationship.While his combination of movie fame and sexy smolder continued its slow burn into our consciousnesses amid the release of two more films and a relative smattering of headlines, Miley went balls-to-the-wall out there, becoming the refreshingly outspoken poster girl for not giving a damn what people think, opening up at length about sexual fluidity and engaging in multiple high-profile hookups.And she even made a little music, sold a few albums and hosted the VMAs this year.I may not agree with them, the world may not agree with them, but she's allowed to do that."In her blog, Candace says she was surprised to see Miley's mom, Tish, applauding her daughter after the VMA spectacle.."I think if I would've done that even as an adult, my mom or dad would've run up and grabbed me off that stage.

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