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They’ve merely just begun to have an interest in one another.They may begin dating once they learn more, but it’s too early to say they’re dating yet. True fans will support you; you need only tell us what you need. I concluded that you are so talented, in music, acting, but not that talented on dancing ? I just recently found out that you were part of "DBSK" and "JYJ". i'm happy to be one of the people who really loves him..=) he's not only an Idol for me.. wow most korean male actor that is famous nowadays are first debuting from a jap film. I am so happy that you've seen this all the way through; having seen those first awful photos, you so angry and disgusted--it was obvious--I knew then that you wouldn't just 'take this.' Please look forward to new projects, please continue to write and sing.. Continue your humble ways and spectacular acting skills. : D I got to see your performance in "Rooftop Prince" and was very pleased with the show and how well you portrayed your character. he's such an amazing person, he used his talent to make people happy! story of his life and hard work, getting me proud and salute him... his first debut to acting is from a japanese movie.In the end, it’s their lives, and I’m just a happy viewer of their acting projects, wishing every one of them happiness with whomever they end up with. If so, this lovely male speciman can clean it for you. If so, this broody assassin can be your Ninja Bodyguard. This boy is reason numero uno I am fast becoming obsessed with SKKS.Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young in the movie Onscreen chemistry: sizzling Offscreen chemistry: very little since they rarely appeared in public together after they started dating. Lee Sang Yoon and Nam Sang Mi in Onscreen chemistry: burned a hole through my screen Offscreen chemistry: burned a hole through my screen, but likely fizzled because it was so intense Status: Teary breakup after 2 years Lee Dong Gun and Han Ji Hye in Onscreen chemistry: Soul-searching Offscreen chemistry: So in love, but couldn’t make it work. Status: Ended after 2 years, and Barbie is now married to a chaebol heir Co-stars heavily rumored to have dated but never publicly confirmed it: Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook after Koala’s two real life shippy holy grails: My Geun Geun Babies FTW! There is a sizeable group that ship Eun Hye with Joo Ji Hoon back when they did co-star Park Shin Hye and think I’m some interloper by shipping him with Moon Geun Young.

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Working long hours together on the set and acting out their characters’ love lines appears to have sparked a romance of their own.Furthermore, since it is the private life of our actor, we don’t want to release additional details on it.”We think it’s ridiculous and aren’t sure exactly why people think the agency made reports confirming their relationship. A media outlet contacted us on August 22nd saying that they had photos of Park Min Young and asked us to check it out.We met with the reporter that day and found that they were just pictures of a meeting between friends.I love the incongruity of his beautiful face with that lovely manly voice, and then he does something totally mean in SKKS which makes me curious to see more of him. However, I’m sure their chemistry will win me over in the end, even if I won’t ever squeal over them like I squealed over Beo Jin and Park Kyu in .The appeal of Yoo Ah In for me is really his immediate presence on camera. The second he shows up, he sucks all the air out of the scene for everyone else, and all I can do is stare at him.

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