Echo dating bournemouth a special report tyra banks and dating violence

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Claire Cooper, 34, and her mother Muriel, 60, bought Langley two luxury Range Rovers worth more than £120,000, as well as giving him a further £20,000 for bogus medical fees.At a proceeds of crime hearing held at Bournemouth Crown Court on Friday, it was revealed that when Langley was arrested he had a Hugo Boss wallet containing £550 in his pocked.

Unbeknown to her, Van Outen had already been banned from driving and so fled the scene afterwards, leaving her lying unconscious.

A JAILED conman who swindled £105,000 from three woman he met through the dating site Plenty of Fish has been ordered to pay back £19,300 to two of his victims within the next three months.

Fantasist Zac Langley, 41, who is serving a five year prison sentence, pretended to be a Royal Marine, an Mo D intelligence officer, a successful property developer and a shipping magnate to get the women to part with their money.

Dating show Naked Attraction will not be investigated by Ofcom, after the regulator said the material was “justified by the context of the programme”.

There were 47 viewer complaints about “nudity, sexual discussion and the exploitative nature of the programme”, the broadcasting watchdog said.

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