Dating bedrock planes

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If money were no object, I would simply call up Lie Nielsen and order one of everything in their catalogue.

Since that is not an option, I have taken to buying old hand planes and restoring them.

If the hole that the lever cap screw passes through is kidney-shaped, the plane was made in (or after) 1933. A rusty plane just means you are going to pay less. Again, Lee Valley sells replacement rosewood handles if the ones on the plane you buy are beyond repair.

That is not to say you won’t have success with a later made plane. Lee Valley sells both Hock and their own Veritas brand blades, both of excellent quality. There are also several companies on the Internet that sell replacement plane handles for almost every hand plane, in almost every species of wood.

Since then someone enlightened me that therm is a common phrase.

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Hopefully by answering a few questions about your plane you can determine which type it is.

I recently bought a 114-year-old Stanley #5, a 99-year-old #4 and a 76-year-old #3.

I bought all three on Ebay and after paying in US dollars, including shipping; the cost was on average Canadian per plane.

The combination of all this effort counters any tendency in the cutting iron to chatter or vibrate under the forward thrust of the plane in the work. See the cam in place against the thin spring plate, but then look at the next image in the same place and you will see that the lift distance is 3mm more because of the hard corner and……that added 2mm is enough to cause a miss-set to the depth of the setscrew.

Look at the next image to see how the gap closes by the 2mm.

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